British cuisine is changing, by all means. I am very aware of the growing importance of food as in organic food, grow-your-own and healthy eating in the UK.

So this following piece of news fits the bill perfectly.

A crop Science PhD student in Shropshire is growing his own at a different level indeed ... British Quinoa (which is also Stephen Jones' Twitter account)

Quinoa /kɪnˈwɑː/ an Andean product also called by some 'superfood' because it is " ... packed with dietary fibre, phosphorus, magnesium and iron, the couscous-like grain is also gluten-free and easy to digest. It contains all nine amino acids, and is rich in protein" ... and now Mr Jones produces 100% British grown quinoa on his families farm.

But there is even more: Quinoa is such a great and gentile grain. Seeds can be cooked as preferred ... as breakfast (on its own or combined with porridge ... why not as a pancake) or entrée like a souffle, soup, in salad, as a main course or as a side or even as dessert. Brilliant ingredient for vegetarian dishes as well. This is one of the times where it is quite appropriate to say there are endless possibilities.

Some recipes can be found in the following link:

One additional information, 2013 has been declared the International year of Quinoa by the United Nations.